Meditation for Everyday Living

Meditation for Everyday Living

from 25.00

Meditation is an ancient, time-tested technique through which we learn to quiet the mind and live with greater peace and clarity. It is also a practice that helps us think more intently and creatively. In Ben Kamens’ Meditation for Everyday Living series, we explore various meditation techniques, their benefits, and how to apply them to daily life. Topics covered will include:

⬦ prerequisites to effective meditation
⬦ self-awareness techniques for daily living
⬦ contemplative thought as a means for disciplining the mind
⬦ common challenges and how to overcome them
⬦ developing a steady practice
⬦ the many benefits of meditation

WEDNESDAYS IN MAY. $80 for four sessions or $25 for drop-in. Beginners welcome. No experience necessary other than being able to breathe!

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