Why start yoga?

CURIOSITY. What is yoga all about anyway? There are many different yoga traditions, and many more teachers who do not teach within a single tradition, so come try something different, come try something new, give yourself the benefit of mind, & body health, and explore several classes or try different teachers before you come to any conclusions…

EXPERIENCE. the benefits of yoga for yourself; you keep hearing how great it is for you, now is the time to try it out.

ROUTINE. Just as painful habits take time to unravel, a new discipline takes time to instill

RELAX. By using your breath, learn how to unwind and create more balance in your body and mind.

SPACE. Life will always be busy. Learn how to create more balance and space in your day-to-day life.

HAPPINESS. The key to contentment and peace comes when you take time to know yourself on all levels. Delve into this time-seasoned practice to re-discover what is always there but perhaps you’ve neglected or forgotten.

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benefits of yoga therapy

Many of us come to yoga by way of asana, the postural practice, a way to address our health concerns, to meet our fitness goals, to gain physical strength and flexibility. Maybe we show up because we simply need space to breathe, to release the stresses of life, to find ourselves, to rediscover community.

The place of practice is our very own heart, or bhava, a place of mindful intent. We are a mandala of practitioners and friends who come together to practice and learn from each other. We feel what it’s like to breathe, to appreciate the gift of the physical body and the joy of movement, and to experience moments of stillness and equanimity within ourselves, in community. The door to practice is always open, to anyone and everyone.

My intention, as your guide, is to make each yoga experience an extraordinary one. All I ask is that you bring all your wonderful imperfections–and best teachers–to the mat with you, and curiosity to each and every sensate experience. In a world that feels increasingly groundless, the tools and techniques, the practices and methodologies of yoga, yoga therapy and reiki are tremendously powerful tools to bring yourself (back) to that place of divinity, of grounding, of steadfastness, of sweetness within your Self, so that you may then extend yourself with integrity to others and in the world.

Your yoga guide

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Nicole Grant

Nicole is a senior Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists [C-IAYT], the Yoga Alliance [ERYT-500], Reiki Master in the Usui methodology, and certified Journey DanceTM Facilitator. She founded Yoga Mandala studio, in Winchester, MA, in October 2001 and transitioned to the role of director of Blue Monkey Yoga at Fit Life Boston in 2018. She is also committed to bringing awareness to the financial stresses of cancer through her fundraising efforts for Reach Athletes and the Family Reach Foundation, and mindfulness to teens by running meditation programs at the Winchester High School, MA. And she loves, loves, loves high-quality dark chocolate and surfing (or trying to).

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